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In photography I find nature and animal photographs visually appealing. Photographs of nature catch my eye because of the natural way that the portrait shows itself. I find it amazing how mother nature unfolds itself and shows us the most beautiful things nature has to offer.
Animal portraits are appealing to me because I find the beauty of their individual personalities and colours of their bodies so natural and spectacular. I am also very passionate about the environment and saving wildlife. Which would probably be part of the reason why I love nature and animals in photography.


This particular picture of a baby sea turtle catches my eye because of the angle the photograph was shot in and the connection you feel with the sea turtle when you first take a glace at the picture. I also love the colours of the blue sea with the colours of the dark blue sky. I also find it interesting that it seems like the sea turtle is looking straight at the camera, as if it is almost posing for the photographer. How the sea turtles left front flipper is floating out of the water really catches my eye because of the way it almost looks unreal. Also with the reflection of the turtles colours on the surface of the water really brings out the images colours.

In this course I am looking forward to learning how to use my camera and how to take amazing photo's with a story behind them. I also look forward to the different types of images photographers take and how to take them. I have always had a passion for photography and look forward to entering the world photography.

Thanks for your introduction.