In these photographs, Mina decided to take them in a different perspective than you would usually expect. In the first photograph Mina decides to flip the camera upside down and she not only does that she takes the reflection of the girl doing a handstand from the puddle on the pavement. By doing this she really makes the audience stop and think about what the image is showing. In the second photograph she also takes a different perspective of how she shot the image. She decides to take the image from above the girl, so the audience is looking down on her. I really like what she did with the image by putting the face of the girl to the far bottom right side of the photo and spreading her air out onto the pavement giving the photo a different feel to it. Some of the elements used in these photographs are rule of thirds, colour space,and depth and field.




Mark DeLong really like to use props in his images. In each example given, he uses at least one prop that really adds to the story in the image. Each images also has a very deep story behind it. The lighting also really adds to the beauty/feeling of the image. The emotions on the characters of the image also really give the mood of the photograph. Mark DeLong is a very successful and famous photographer and with his talent he really takes each photograph to it's best. One of my personal reasons for choosing Mark DeLong was because of all the colour he uses in his portraits. Colour is a key aspect in his work and it really adds to the feeling you get when you look at the image. One of the main design principles that Mark uses is element relationship. The props and the people he uses in his photographs really compliment each other.