Depth draws the viewer into your photograph, following the path all the way to where the viewer can see, leaving them left to wonder where the path leads to.

Following the Canals of Japan

A canal near Kurokabe Square in Nagahama, Japan
A canal near Kurokabe Square in Nagahama, Japan

In this picture of a canal in the city of Nagahama, Japan the image expresses the feeling of depth by leading the viewer through the canal leaving the thought of what might be beyond the houses.
The picture make me feel like I am back in Japan visiting my family and friends while I dance in the rain with the feeling of joy.
The balance of the photo is taken more to the right with the canal flowing through the center of the image.
The light is coming from the sky because of the rain and the brightness of the grey clouds.
If I were to touch the photo to determine the texture I would feel a soft touch of water with the feeling of rain drops pouring on my body with the sense of freedom.
This photo is very focused on the canal and the rain leading us to the edge of the canal. The focus directs us to the end of the canal.
The background of the olden style Japanese houses really puts the viewer in a position making them feel they are part of the picture, experiencing the moment with the photographer.
I believe the photo is about the older side of Japan and the wonders and beauty you can experience while in Japan.

Direction leads the viewer around the image with a sense of movement happening while the viewer wanders around the photo.

Photo: Girl practicing for a Taiko-Drum contest in the Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Photo: Girl practicing for a Taiko-Drum contest in the Saitama Prefecture, Japan

This picture makes me feel like I am moving up with the stairs leading to the subject, who is pointing upwards leading the viewer to continue their path up the stairs.
When you look at the image it looks as if it is tilted. My thoughts are that it could be that because of the girl who is pointing upwards towards you get the feeling that the image is tilted to the left.
The light looks as if it is coming from the sky down towards the girl. The light hits just directly in front of her barely reaching her.
If I were to touch the image I would feel a bumpy texture as I move along the stairs.
I would say the focus is on the girl pointing upwards to the sky. It leads us up the stairs almost as if walking out from the frame of the picture.
The background makes the viewer dizzy with the stairs all being on colour of grey. The background is simple but so complex at the same time.
The photo is about a young girl in the middle of the stairs with two white sticks in her hands leading the viewer upwards the stairs towards the light.

Diagonal gives the viewer a sense in the motion that the image is going in. The diagonal leads the viewer in and out of the image.

Photo: The northern lights above Manitoba, Canada
Photo: The northern lights above Manitoba, Canada

This image makes me feel grateful of the world that we live in.
The balance of the photo is out of the center more to the left top corner.
The lighting is coming from mainly the bottom left corner and from the subject itself, the northern lights in the sky.
The texture of the photo has a soft, warm feeling to it.
The focus photo is mainly on the light at the bottom left corner of the photo. The focus is also on the greenish blue light coming from the Northern Lights going across the image getting darker the more it goes up to the right corner of the image.
I love the background of this photo. The dark blue sky with the twinkling lights behind the bright blueish green sky.
This photo is about the beauty of nature and how we should enjoy every moment we have with it. I believe that nature is a very important part everyone's life and we should all embrace every second we have with it.

Balance gives a negative and positive space with colour balance. Balance also gives the direction and motion of the image.

Photo: Gate with the sea behind it
Photo: Gate with the sea behind it

This image makes me feel happy with the sense of accomplishment.
I would say that this image is very balanced because if you were to fold the image in half you would have an even photo split right in the middle.
The lighting is coming from the right side of the image. You can tell because of the shadow over the top of the right rock and the bright light coming off of the left rock.
This image of the blue sky with the two white rocks looking at the black square fence would give a very light soft feeling to it. Even though rocks would usually be thought of being rough with sharp edges, in the picture I get the feeling of soft, smooth rocks.
The focus is mainly on the black fence. The rest of the image has a light colour but the fence adds a black bold feeling to the image leading the viewer straight to the black fence.
I especially like the light blue sky as the background because it really adds the light smooth feeling to the image. I also like the fact that at the end of the sky you find a nice calm blue ocean.
I believe this image is about the pureness in life and a reminder of how things don't always have to be complicated to be successful.

Element Relationship
The elements interact with each other. The placing of objects in relation to one another.

external image 63307_0_608x409.jpg

This image makes me feel like I am the person with the dolphins taking the picture of them.
This picture is balanced based on the person with the three dolphins. They are in the center of the image with the bare sea floor behind them.
The lighting looks as if it coming from the surface of the water and is shining down on them.
The texture is very soft because of the way the dolphins are so graceful with the person. You also get a soft texture from the soft sand on the sea floor.
The focus is on the diver wearing the black wet suit with the dolphins who are the same colour of the image but have a different way of standing out from the rest of the grey.
The background of the photo goes back into the deep sea and with the grey colour of the photo it really adds to the image.
When I look at the image I see that it is about the relationship us humans have with animals and nature. It shows us the kind way we should all treat each other.

The important elements are framed in a triangle. The image keeps the viewer exploring the photo.

Turtle Pyramid
Turtle Pyramid

When I look at this image I feel happy and that I am one with the turtles. I feel as though they are with me to protect me.
With the turtles being in the center of the image it puts the images balance in the center.
The lighting is coming from the right hand side of the image. You can tell by the light reflection on the right side turtle and the turtle on the top. The two right hand turtles are blocking the light from reaching the left side turtle.
If I were to touch the photo I would get a rough texture from the turtles but with the ocean water being there I would also get a soft, calm feeling too.
The focus is one the three sea turtles forming a pyramid. The sea turtles really catch your eye because of the way that the left turtle and the top turtle are looking at the viewer as if they are saying something to us.
I love the deep blue colour of the sea in the background. It really adds colour to the image. I also caught my eye on the blue fish under neath the left turtle. It takes you a while to find the fish but when you see it it really adds to the image.
This photo is about the way nature works together to form friendships and to make things work between them.

Colour Space
Colour Space has magnetic qualities of vibrant colours. The quality of light determines the hue, saturation and the amount of light that comes in.


This image really makes me feel bright and colourful. It makes me love the colours of life even more than I already do.
The composition of this photo really compliments each other by the colour contrast they each contribute to each other. The reflection of the mountain really balances the bright blue with the green reflection. The bright stump in the shallow part of the pond really adds to the picture.
The light is coming towards the picture, coming from behind the photographer.
The texture of this photo is smooth because the colours contrasting with each other and of how smooth the pond is with no ripples.
The focus of this picture is on the brightness of the tree stump in the front of the image. The focus is mainly on the colours of the image and how they compliment each other so well.
The background of this photo would be the green from the mountain and the trees and the aqua blue colour of the pond. I really find the blue sky with the bright blue sky really stands out in the image.
This image is about the colours of life and how beautifully they compliment each other.